Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Problems!!

So we have been having internet problems lately. We are not sure what is going on whether it is the weather or our service is just bad. Hopefully it will be resolved soon...with that being said there are a few post put into this one hoping that in the end when I'm done typing it will actually post.
Paisley has now probably lost about half of the hair she was born with (she still has a lot I know)...I'm really sad about this because I love her hair...I love that it is dark like Matt's and I love that it is curly. With that being said I decided that I needed to take a few pictures to capture the dark curly hair before it's gone.

Paisley is also prefecting her smile. I'm sure this is what is going to melt daddy's heart when she is older and get her almost anything she wants. It doesn't take much to get her to smile, just come and say "hello."

Lastly, this doesn't happen very often because she is such a happy content baby so when it does it's funny to see.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Closet thumb sucker

Paisley is a closet thumb sucker. I have caught her at night sucking her thumb in her sleep. However, during the day all she takes is a pacifier. I really don't mind one over the other except that eventually I can take her pacifier away which is not the case with her thumb. I just find it very funny. If that's the way she wants to soothe herself, by all means, I'm for more sleep. I would love to post a picture, but I haven't taken one because I don't want to wake her up, but I find it too funny not to post.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a helper!

Noah is such a littler helper. Paisley was sitting in her bumbo getting fussy. I was trying to get Noah to change a diaper for nap time, but he wouldn't sit down until Paisley was happy. He ran to the playroom and brought back her basket of toys and continued to give her every single one until she was happy.


My sister Jody and her family came into town for a school reunion. It was great to see them even though the trip was short. Noah enjoyed playing with his cousins and Paisley loved being held.

Olivia and Paisley
Ella and Paisley
Trouble...Sam and Noah

Olivia is staying the week with Grandma so we all went to the zoo. Noah had a great time taking Olivia to see all the animals especially since he got to be out of the stroller so much. The best story of the day was when we rode the carousel right before we left. The man running the ride was pretty loud and upbeat. His joke was that the ride was going to go so fast that you needed to hold your hair on. He even had a wig he was showing people saying that it was someones hair from the last ride. Olivia thought he was serious and literally rode the entire way holding her hair on.
Olivia holding her hair on!


So it looks like we may have two golfers in the family...

Paisley watching the British Open with daddy.

Too cute not to post!


For breakfast Noah usually has a cereal bar or cereal. His favorite is Lucky Charms, however, he usually eats the marshmallows and feeds the rest to the dog when he thinks we aren't looking. A couple days ago he took his cereal into the playroom to eat. This is what I found later...

his new hiding place.

This is how I found him eating yesterday. He does understand the phone, but doesn't like to talk on it.

Baseball field

We must have moved to a baseball field or had one moved into our house. Thankfully our downstairs is an open layout. Noah has now made this his baseball field. He will ask you to pitch the ball to him and after he hits he will drop the bat and run through the rooms to make it back to his bat. Once finished he picks up his bat, retrives the ball, and does it all over again. Not only has this become good exercise it also wears him out for nap.

Check back later for more posts...I have to get the pictures off the camera.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paisley's smile

Here's a few pictures of Paisley's sweet smile. She's getting more active with everyone and loves to watch her brother. She is also very patient and puts up with a lot from him. Paisley is definitely getting bigger every day.

Can I sleep with you?

Paisley is a very good sleeper and has been sleeping through the night for a while now. She usually gets up at 6 to eat and then will go back to sleep. Noah usually gets up anywhere from 7 to 8. His favorite thing to do once he is up is to check on Paisley. I try to keep him out so she can sleep, but I'm not always successful. This day I actually got Noah to leave her alone. We were downstairs playing and cleaning up when he disappeared upstairs. This is not unusual because if he starts to get tired he goes to his room to get his blankets. The only problem is that he didn't come back. I went to go check on him and this is what I found. He found the pack-n-play mattress that he set down by the crib then brought his pillow and blankets in with Paisley to sleep. Of course I got the camera and then helped him clean up. It never occurred to me to leave him there and see how long he would stay. I guess I just really don't trust leaving him alone in a room with her that long.

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Smokies baseball round 2

We took Noah and Paisley back to another baseball game. Noah was ready for the food this time! After having dinner beforehand he decided that he would still eat his free kids meal with some popcorn. He has started to pick up on cheering for the team and was happy with himself when he clapped at the right time. We didn't get to stay very long because it started to rain, but we had a great time together.

The food
I can't see the game..what did I miss.

NO Band-aid!!

Noah scraped his knee on a folding table. It was bleeding a little tiny bit, but I thought I would put a band-aid on it so the blood wouldn't get on anything. Noah had another idea... This is his face after wearing it for about five minutes. You would have thought he needed stitches or something. Needless to say we took it off and he went back to playing like nothing had happened. I guess that means I don't need to purchase any kid band-aids anytime soon.
Yes, Matt is laughing because both of us thought his reaction was the funniest thing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brother and sister

Noah and Paisley have such a good relationship with one another now that I only hope it continues. He loves to help with her and she loves to watch him. We'll see how long this last when she's finally old enough to take things away from and irritate him. Until then I'm going to enjoy this stage.
Noah reading to Paisley

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bee sting

Noah got stung by his first bee today. I'm a little surprised it hasn't happen sooner due to all the golf he plays in the yard. We were in the backyard when he kicked off his shoes to play. Matt had just come home from work and was going to put the lawnmower away for me when Noah started running after him. Then he just stopped and started crying and limping. Matt picked him up and pulled something out of his foot then put him back down. He came running to me for a kiss and when I looked at it he had a big white spot on his foot. I asked Matt what he pulled out of his foot and his comment was something like a thorn. After looking at it again we realized it was the stinger of the bee. We wiped it down and tried to apply ice as Noah limped around the kitchen. The pain didn't last to long because he soon decided to run around the living room. I tried to take a picture, but couldn't get him to sit still long enough. Luckily we now know that he is not allergic!! We were watching very carefully.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

The church in front of our neighborhood has always had a July 3rd festival for the 4th. The fireworks are always a hit and a walk a away to enjoy. Now that Noah is older we have actually walked down to join in the festivities. This year we tried out the big slide and bean bag tosses. He actually made it in the hole as well.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!

Noah's two year pictures

We traveled to two different parks earlier this week to see if I could take Noah's picture. In the end I found that it would have been easier to leave Paisley with someone and/or maybe have someone along the way to help make Noah smile. He's not to sure about having the camera in his face by himself, but loves when you take pictures of him with Paisley. The first few I like to call his model poses. He would pretty much do what you asked of him except smile. The last one is my favorite. Not sure why, but I think a lot has to do with the bush.

These were taken once we got home after a nap. It may have just been the location and that he wanted to be around familiar settings. However, these are the only two good shots I got, so maybe not.