Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a long weekend...

This weekend was full of lots of adventures!! My brother came into town, our best friend Adam got married, and Matt's sister Andrea came into town. Try to cram all of that into a weekend and you realize how little time there really is. So here are some snapshots of everything...
At the wedding
Cousins Amelia and Isabelle with Noah
Aunt Andrea and soon-to-be Uncle Brad
First ride on daddy's shoulders

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheerios and baths

Here's the picture of Noah with his Cherrios. He does a really good job of feeding himself, so this doesn't happen very often. Usually he gets about three of them stuck in his hands and can't find them verus getting them stuck on his face. We still think it's pretty cute though.

I gave him a bath yesterday and as I was putting lotion on him this is how his hair started to dry. I could't help but leave it and see what happened to the curls. His hair usually has a mind of it's own in that it doesn't matter how you brush it it goes the way it wants. Last night it started to curl on top. Needless to say it's sticking up this morning!?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A little under the weather...

We've been a little under the weather lately. Noah had a cold, I got the stomach bug, and now Matt has a cold. We like to share our family illness.

In other news Noah's new favorite things are his sippy cup and Cherrios. Of course he has always enjoyed's the pictures.

More to come with the Cherrios.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's done!!

So, it's here, done, and working!!! YEAH!! We now have heat and aren't in any danger. Of course, today was beautiful so we haven't needed to use the new unit yet. As promise, here's its lovely picture. Can you tell I'm proud?

Lucky to have a house!!!

Matt went skiing this weekend with a few friends, so Noah and I went to Grandma and Pap's house. We had a great time playing with them. Noah and I left Sunday afternoon to come home and drop everything off before we had to pick Matt up. I went into the house and found it freezing. Checked the temostat that read 53 degrees!! I had to call Matt and ask, "Did you turn down the heat before you left?" He said no and wants to why, to which I tell him and his response is that's not good. After picking up Matt we return to the house and he looks at the heating unit that smells like burnt plastic and has black soot up the side. He tried to pull out the fuses, but couldn't. So we call the heating and air guy...Matt finally gets the fuses out which reveal a blown fuse that caught fire and melted. The heating and air guy said he had never seen it happen like that before and that we are lucky to have a house today. Needless to say there are here now installing a new unit. Ouch! on the pocket, but I'll pay gladly knowing that I have a house right now. Here are the pictures of the blown fuse and what the old unit looks like. Once installed I'll post the new pictures. (Sorry for the rambling we know I can't tell a short story!)

Oh, Dean and Debbie graciously let us stay at their house. Noah's room is still cold so here is he's sleep bed with of course sister Polly helping to keep him warm.

Noah's six months photos

I took the liberity of taking Noah's six month photo myself. Here are my favorite shots...sorry they are a bit late in posting. My resizing is a little off, but I was pleased with the way the turned out. Noah is usually not a thumb sucker, but couldn't pass up the shot with his big blue eyes. We had a lot of fun playing around and laughing together. After two different days of photos I think the last photo said it all!!