Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crazy Hair

By the way, many have asked so we will post. Noah's hair has a mind of his own. Sometimes it sticks sraight up and other times it lays flat. It doesn't matter how I comb it because it will do its own thing.
Crazy Day
Flat Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving a lot of Matt's family for Indiana came to visit. We had a great time with them and a fabulous dinner! Many games were played on the Wii and many conversations were had by all. Noah was excited to meet everyone, but he is very tuckered out and ready to get back on a schedule for sure. He loves and needs his sleep. Enjoy taking a peek into our day.

Aunt Andrea with Noah and Cousin Leah with Noah

Avah and Andrea along with Paxton
The Wii games continue

Merry Christmas a little early!

Since my family is so spread out and there are many little ones it is hard to get together for Christmas. Therefore we created the tradition of either getting together before or after Christmas. Then we tried to do it on Thanksgiving and combine the two. Well, this year it ended up being the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had a great time in Atlanta with all the family. It's always nice to see each other. Our snapshot selection is small since we had the video camera out. However, Noah enjoyed opening his first present. The family picture will come when I get it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ellijay, GA

This weekend we had the great opportunity to go the mountains with one of my sister's family and parents. We had a great time relaxing, enjoying each others company, and letting the new cousins play together. Hope you enjoy our pictures of the weekend. Thanks Jody, Pete, Mom and Dad.

The beautiful mountains and stream.

YEAH we have boys in the family. Cousins Noah and Sam playing.

Dad and Noah reading and enjoying their time.

Grandma and Pap watching the kiddos. Olivia and Ella were also running around the cabin.

The Crew...Jody, Sam, Olivia, Pete, and Ella
Matt, Noah, and Joni Kay

New toys to play with...

We got down a new toy for Noah to play. As you can see the exersaucer is doing it's job. He likes it a lot and it getting use to all different toys. As for Polly, she has taken over his play gym. (Just kidding, but for some reason if Noah isn't using it she thinks it is a great place for a nap.)