Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow or Ice?

Friday night and Saturday were covered with snow that also included ice. We let Noah sled down the driveway. Too bad the camera battery was dead! (I was pretty upset about that one.)He had so much fun and had it all figured out until it was time to go to the party. We did go back outside after the birthday party and were able to get some pictures. Matt and Noah had fun decorating the ice trees with snow(ice)balls. The tree was the only place you were allowed to throw them because they were too hard otherwise. Paisley was not to thrilled to be left inside. She wanted to be out there so bad and it was too funny to watch!
Playing in the snow. (Those are snowflakes on my camera lens.)
Decorating the tree with snow and ice
Ice trees...Matt kept watching and listening to them while they were outside in case he needed to grab Noah and run out of the way.
Sweet Paisley watching and not happy about being left inside.

Friends Birthday Parties

The past two weekends Noah has been to two birthday parties both at bounce houses. He had so much fun and wore himself out. Lets just say he has no fear of big slides and jumping!
Paisley and her friends in birth order. There is anywhere from 3 months to 6 weeks between these kiddos.
The count down before the slide.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting there

So it seems like it's been awhile for a post and it probably has...however, things have been busy around here. I wish I could say we have sold our house, but we haven't. We've had quite a few prospects, but when they come back for a second showing they decide they want a more open floor plan or another room. God has someone out there for this house and we are trying to wait patiently for that person. With this being said it means that everything is still in the closets and I refuse to get anything out and start working. Everything includes sewing, scrapbooks, toys, and any or all projects. This also means that for some odd reason I haven't really been taking any photos. Not sure about that one...I feel that I might be missing something, but really we haven't done anything too new or adventurous and I realized that I do take a lot of photos. Maybe Christmas just wore me out, but soon I'll get back to it. Here's one of Paisley from my mom's camera. She is a big mover now and although she hasn't mastered the crawl on all fours she has her own version. She just cut two new teeth as well. We are excited to say that after her last doctor appointments she is still on the chart for her weight. It's still pretty low, but it's better than Noah at this age. But hey let's face the fact...Matt and Joni Kay kids don't have a hope in being big.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in Atlanta

Since my siblings and I life so far apart we rarely ever get together on Christmas. Meaning the last time that happened was four years ago and the time before that was nine years ago. Instead we have always got together either before or after Christmas to celebrate as a family. This year we picked New Years weekend and had the opportunity to go to the bowl game together. (See post below) These are just bits and pieces of our time together and all the cousins. Noah had so much fun playing with everyone and highly enjoyed Sam's new train table. Thanks for a great weekend everyone!!
This ark was made by my dad for us kids when we were little. Now he is passing it on to Noah because of his name. So far both kids have enjoyed playing with it and the animals.
The train table. Noah could spend hours here. Guess what his next big toy will be...
Too funny not to post. While playing outside Noah was playing with a shovel and digging holes in Uncle Pete's dirt. He put the shovel down and cousin Sam picked it up to play. Noah didn't like this so he went to grab it and fell in the process and Sam fell on top of him. The funny part is that we all stood there inside laughing and Matt not knowing went outside to break it up only to look up and see the rest of us adults in the window laughing. Hence the second picture we found a rake to share. The shovel eventually had to disappear though because Noah was digging too many holes.

The Divided House

So I decided not to back log, but to more forward. This was New Year's Eve on our way to the bowl game. You see my dad, sister, brother, and sister-in-law all went to Virginia Tech. Matt and I went to UT with my other sister from UTC as the Tennessee fans. Too bad Tennessee couldn't have a better game, but someone was going to be disappointed either way. We all had a great time together and celebrated the new year in the car on the way home.