Friday, May 7, 2010

Paisley's birthday present

We finally got Paisley's present out of the box. The battery takes 18 hours to charge and then we got so busy packing we were thinking of waiting. However, the box finally got to me so I opened it. (I guess I should mention that we had it put together for a day before the battery was put in...I pushed Noah around and he pushed Paisley around. Boy were they both surprised when they found out something is really suppose to happen when you push that red button.)

Hey, where are you going?

And, she figured it out!!

Of course, Noah had to have turn as well. Not sure which one likes it better.

Smokies baseball

We took Noah and Paisley to their first baseball game this season. It was a double header so we got there early. Once the sun went behind the clouds everything was a lot cooler. The kids did great and had a blast!! Of course, the first words out of Noah's mouth past the baseball was POPCORN please! What a memory! We didn't make it through both games we stayed a longer than we expected. Noah was so tried, but when we tired to leave he kept asking for more ball. It's amazing how much he understands the game!!

Matt and Noah walking the outfield and the second picture is just so you can see how far away they really were.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What are we doing right now???

Yep, that's right...Noah is potty training! We have been working on it for about a week now and he is doing great. However, we have mostly just been staying at home playing without diapers or underwear at the moment. He does great with that and just runs to the bathroom when he needs to and usually doesn't need reminding. We have taken a few short trips with success both with little accidents and accident free. He is getting there. This week we are going to start practicing with clothes and see how long we last and how much laundry I have to do. From the get go he has averaged about two accidents a day. Not bad in my books.
I really wasn't going to start this until after we moved, but something happened (don't remember what now) and so we just started.

Pig Tails

This is my new favorite hairstyle for Paisley. For the most part she usually leaves them just have to get her distracted long enough to attempt both sides.


Who knew that boxes could be so much fun!?! This is what our house now looks like and will look like for the next few weeks. We are counting down the days and getting ready.