Monday, July 28, 2008

The wedding...

So we made it through the weekend...The wedding was beautiful and we all had a great time. Noah found he had a love for spoons (his favorite toy this weekend) and probably walked about 50 miles (as the other guests have said) because he didn't sit down except to eat at the reception. He walked all over the place and danced his little heart out. Throughout the whole weekend he only missed one nap and handled the 10:00 bedtimes like a champ. I guess I'm allowed to add though today has been a little rough.

New family photo

So proud of himself

I'm just way to cute!!

Gotta have one with the bride.

The car ride home from the wedding.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just for the info Noah started walking last Tuesday. Matt had him on the couch and I was ready to get him in pjs. So Matt put him on the floor and he walked five steps to meet me. We were so excited that I tried to get him to walk back to Matt, but he didn't want to. We got the video camera out and I taped him walking to me again. After a new diaper and pjs I stood him up and he walked across the room for the rest of the night.
So much for beginning to walk and the first step. It went from five to all over the room. I thought he was holding out on us. There are a few times where he stills prefers to crawl because I think it's easier and faster for him, but otherwise if you stand him up he'll go anywhere. He is not into anything different either. A little taller, but that's about it.

Monday, July 21, 2008


So mom and dad now say that I have to wear a bib when I eat. I DO NOT like them!! If I don't have a bib on then I don't get my food. I say this is not fair!! This is the way I prefer to wear my bib. It's on! They didn't tell me I had to wear it a specific way.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outside fun...

Since Noah has now mastered the doggie door he decided it was time to go outside and play. We started off in pjs by the water table. (FULL of water from the rain!) It didn't take long before he was soaked. So then I had a wonderful idea of a picture I had seen and wanted to try and recreate. This is what happens when someone (me) wants to be a photographer and is not. I went inside grabbed a bucket and striped down Noah to play in the water. He thought it was great for a while. Then he got tired so it ended the photo session for me. I really need to edit them and they would probably look better, but I don't really like the editting phase. I just like the completed phase.

This might be exciting!?!

The one in the middle is my favorite. You can see the water he has splashed on himself and pround of it!

Then we had some more fun trying to get cleaned up.

What a neat cape, now get it off please.

I'm tried...Can we eat?

Sorry for the long post, but sometimes it's too hard to pick just one or two pictures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pap's garden

So, I went out to mom and dad's house this week to cut the grass and help in the garden. In return I came home with a bag full of beans. As I was washing some for dinner I thought what the heck and handed one to Noah. He looked at it and then started going to town eating. Green beans are one of his favorites. He just carried it around with him until it was gone. He wouldn't even give any to Polly!?!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sand/Water Table

This was grandpa's present to Noah that Matt finally finished last night while I was at the gym. As you can see Noah really enjoys it. He needs to be a little taller to really get into it, but he was just fine for now.

Yes, that is all water from the table that he splashed on himself. He was soaked.

Noah decided that Polly needed to play too so he took a handful of sand and dropped it on her nose.

Here's the final result. Polly is such a good sport!

Polly's haircut

So we took Polly to get her haircut the other day. After every three cuts ourselves we take her to the groomer. This was one of those times...

I thought she looked cute, a little over the top, though. Needless to say we went for a walk in the park and made it over the bridge to the swings before Matt had to stop and rip the bows out of her hair.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Go Tom!!

Congrats Tom on making the Olympic team. Just wanted to send you a shout out as I know Kim checks our page. Plus, Matt's family gets excited hearing about ya. We set alarm clocks last night to wake up and watch your last event. I know 11:30 may not seem late, but we have a couple colds in the house. Hope you have a great rest of the trip and be safe!! You looked great!