Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paisley's six week pictures

I did this with Noah and decided to do it with Paisley making it a tradition. Yes, I love my new camera!!!

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Laundry Helper

Noah is becoming more and more of a big help. He helps feed Polly, put away dishes, and with laundry. (Of course this is always a big help in the fact that I know he is not on top of Paisley squishing her if he's with me...ulterior motives)

These are the pictures I took of him helping me with laundry yesterday. And yes, I left him in the dryer while I ran for the camera.

Four more to go...Just think that means lot of pictures...


Since all Paisley does most of the day is eat and sleep it's hard to get photos of her doing something else. However, she is starting to wake up more and more each day. She loves to watch the ceiling fans spin and play with her brother, as long as he's not to rough.

A friend made this shirt for Paisley.

Three more to go...

Memorial Day

We had the opportunity to join a few friends from church for a great Memorial Day cookout. We had a great time letting all the kiddos play while enjoying hamburgers and hotdogs. Apparently last year there was a paper airplane contest and it was decided that this should continue. It was actually quite fun. Noah also found a new toy while he was there.

Two more to go...

Grandpa and Nana's house

We hadn't seen Dean and Debbie in a while so we took a trip out to Maryville. Noah always has fun playing with new toys and the grandparents always have something fun to do. Today they had a big Styrofoam airplane ready to put together and fly. Once Dean had it assembled he showed it to Noah who got very excited. (He loves to point out any aircraft in the sky lately.) After flying it back and forth a few times it was Noah's turn to try. It didn't go far, but he thought it was great. The only problem was he wanted to do it again and didn't realize how big and heavy the plane really was...oops! It does still fly though.

No that is not a real airplane, but the plane they were flying back and forth. LOVE the new camera!!

Dean and Debbie also like to make cookies with Noah and found the cutest little outfit for him to wear. He was very proud of himself. Of course it is always more fun to eat the cookies in the process.

Paisley found other ways to entertain herself. Mainly eating and sleeping.
One more to go...keep scrolling


It seems a lot easier now to do just picture post. There is too much going on to journal. I'm sure I'll find a balance soon.

My sister



That was the last one. Thanks for putting up with my slow process of posting.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The zoo and a pizza

This is a little late...I wrote it but forgot to post it...

Since we have had a nice week of weather I've been able to get some blog post ready during nap. Hence why there have been so many lately. We had a break in the rain today so we headed to the zoo. We got there around 4:00 and stayed for about an hour to show Matt where all the good animals were in the zoo. The funny part is that after being there once already Noah seemed terrified of the animals this time. You can see the death grip he has on Matt's shirt by the elephants. It was pretty humid, but we had a great time together.
Noah let Paisley borrow his hat.

With the prairie dogs and elephant. Notice the death grip on dad.

Cutest little baby chimp and the famous gorilla

I'll watch from back here, thank you.

Once we got home Matt went ahead and started Earlier in the afternoon he had decided this was what he was going to make and have Noah help him. He got it all ready and then put Noah to the task. I think Noah was more interested in taking everything off the pizza to eat beforehand. He was quite funny to watch and the pizza was delicious!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Smokies baseball

Since Noah likes to play baseball so much Matt got us some Tennessee Smokies tickets for last night. We had a great time and Noah was very entertained. We left after the fifth inning because is was getting late, but I think Noah would have lasted longer. The good news in that we drove home in the rain instead of sitting in it. I'll admit I was a little worried.
I'm trying to watch the game mom.

You can't go to a game and not eat. It was Kids Eat Free night so we went ahead and got Noah his meal. He had no problem trying to figure out how to eat a hot dog without a fork. I think the popcorn was his favorite though. We had to take the box away from him because he wouldn't quit eating the crumbs and we didn't want him to get an uncooked kernel.

Paisley's "I'm going to sleep, but I'm still watching pose". She takes after her dad.

Don't let that bear come near me dad! The Smokies mascot is a big blue bear. However, Shoney's is a big sponsor as well, so they were both there. Noah is not a fan!