Monday, November 16, 2009

LOTS so keep scrolling...

Andrea and Brad were in town so we celebrated all the birthday's at once. Noah liked to play birthday helper by not only passing out the presents, but helping open them too.

Grandpa got out Matt's old matchbox cars. This is his new favorite thing to play at Grandpa and Nana's!
What started off with taking a picture of Paisley...turned into this.

No he is not hurting her, but this is pretty typical in this household now days. She is a trooper and one tough girl!!
Noah has found the leaves. This was our second time to rake the leaves and have since done it again. However, this is the day that Noah figured it out. Matt had two piles ready to bag before he started on the front. I started bagging the first pile with Noah until Noah disappeared to the second pile. Let's just say that he had so much fun playing that the pile had to be raked again just to bag.

We Play Together
This is what I found while I was making dinner the other day.

Matt's Birthday
Matt's birthday was a great family day. Noah helped make cupcakes in the morning and then couldn't wait to give daddy his presents when he got up. The rest of the day was spent at home since the kiddos were sick until it was time for our soccer game. Of course, depending on who you ask they might say it wasn't much of a game since we dominated. I'll take any form of exercise though.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Noah had a blast trick-or-treating. He couldn't wait to leave and get going. Yes, it was raining, but he didn't mind. After a little hesitation at the first house he was on the run for the rest. Matt and Paisley came for half of the time before heading home to hand out candy at the house. Once Noah and I returned we checked his candy and tried again for a photo. Noah was more interested in his candy. He then caught his second wind and he and I headed out again to go to the neighbors house and ended up doing the other side of the neighborhood. All in all a good Halloween for a little one. Lucky, he hasn't been able to find his bucket again.

No pictures please!
Ready to go
So proud of himself. He wouldn't say a word to them, but knew to put out his bucket.

Checking candy...this one please!

I'll feed you

Be careful what you leave on the table with a toddler and baby around. I was feeding Paisley the other morning when I stopped to do something. When I came back this is what I found...

The Potty Monkey

While we were at Boo at the Zoo one of the promotions was this Potty Monkey. It's design is to help potty train your child and is really quite interesting. It has a battery pack that you can set to either 30 or 90 minutes and it will go off saying he "I need to go potty, let's go." The potty actually flushes as well. We are not potty training Noah right now, but this is his new favorite toy. He changes him quite regularly and it's so funny to watch.
Going potty and flushing...
Changing his pants with a wipe and trying out a new diaper. It is so funny to watch him do this because he is very intent on his tasks at hand.

Boo at the Zoo

This year we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo. We were very excited and tried to get Noah excited since he didn't want to wear his costume when we got it. However, once we pulled into the zoo he was ready and excited to wear the suit. After a baseball activity which yes he can hit the ball out of the air we hit the trick or treat path. After one booth Noah was on a roll and couldn't wait to move on except for trying to find out what was in his bucket and if he could eat it now.

The treat trail

Noah's favorite treat...doughnut at the end

The party tent. That's his head poking out of the hay stack.