Sunday, November 30, 2008

Noah's new smile???

I was trying to take a few funny photos of Noah yesterday and that is exactly what I got. When I asked him to smile this is what I got.

I knew he was a ham for the camera, but this is a little extreme. Hopefully when we try to do our Christmas photo next week we can get a better one. (Not that I don't mind this face either, but I know you would like to see his eyes.)
Noah has also got into a picnic phase. Not sure where he got this since we have never had one. When Matt and I came home from Black Friday shopping Noah had pulled his place mat off the table and laid it on the living floor with his milk and snack cup. Of course, my first reaction was "Did Grandma make you a picnic?" to which she replied he did it on his own. Then I thought at least he knows he needs a table to eat in the living room, Good Job, Noah. Later today while we were working on the tree and doing laundry Noah found a box and dragged it into the kitchen. When I walked by this is what I saw.

Christmas Spirit

I have been ready for Christmas for what seems like forever and have spent the past week trying to put up a few decorations. However, it never seems complete until you have a tree. Matt finally gave in to my pleading and with a break in the weather we went on a tree hunt. We tend to like big full trees and had a hard time finding one due to them all looking tall and skinny. We finally settled on this one...

Noah really just wanted to run around more that anything. After watching a wreck on the interstate happen behind Lowe's that knocked out the power we thought it was time to get going since it started to rain again. Without further ado here is this years tree.

In order to make things fit this year we have had to change around a LOT of furniture. We're actually still not done trying to figure out what to do with everything. Noah has been good tonight and not touched the tree, however, there is nothing on it since we have to let it dry. (I don't mind waiting to decorate it as long as I have it.) We'll see what happens within the next couple of days.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lots of news...lots of posts together

Baby number two is...
a GIRL!! We are very excited to announce that Noah is getting a sister in April. This is a picture of her looking right at you.

Christmas in Atlanta
Since there are so many kids in my family we have always got together either before or after Christmas to celebrate, but not on Christmas. Lately this has turned into sometime around Thanksgiving. Not real sure why it keeps happening that way, but we make it work. My sister was nice enough to house us all and we had a great time together. All the cousins LOVED playing with each other! Noah really started getting it to opening his own presents, but really just wanted to keep whatever he opened instead of exchanging it for a new present.

Love this picture of them!

Why do you do this to me?

Opening presents

Give it back, it's mine!

My Pants are too big mom!
Noah was in the playroom the other day playing when he came around the corner and this is what I found. His pants around his ankles because they wouldn't stay up. He just kept trying to walk like it was nothing.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I really needed to vacuum upstairs today since I had been putting it off. I started in Noah's room, then to the new baby room, hallway and lastly my room. Noah does not like the vacuum so I left him in our room to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As I started to vacuum towards the room Noah started running and this is where I found him.

Literally hiding in between my clothes and only poked his head out for a minute until I turned the vacuum off.

Elljay, GA

This past weekend we traveled to Elljay, GA and met up with my sister's family and parents for a relaxing trip. We had a great time together and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Noah had a little bit of a hard time sleeping, but we seem to work things out a little each night so we could get some rest.
Here's a little of the view that we had for the weekend. The weather was a little cool, but the house was nice and cozy.

Adventures for the weekend included trying to fish, playing outside, playing with cousins, and visiting downtown Elljay.

Although the boys joined the tea party it was just for the food.
Noah loved helping dad build the fire.
Since we missed all the fall displays and pictures taking opportunities we decided to take this one in downtown Elljay.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Invasion of the lady bugs

So you will have to look very closely at the pictures, but as you can see we have new house guests. (Pictures show two on the ceiling and two on the blinds) Not real sure why they have chosen our house, but it reminds us of our honeymoon. When we got to the mountains and received the key to our cabin they handed us a flyer saying they had released ladybugs into the park and they may be in our room. Needless to say when we arrived the bathroom and window were covered. We had to vacuum at least twice a day to get rid of them all. Yes, we do need a new backdoor, but really why so many...

Oh, and just so you know the whole story there are really about five on the ceiling and three on the blinds. Ladybugs are really dumb creatures...they can find a spot to enter, but cannot find their way out once they're in.

New Haircut

Noah received his first official haircut today. I have given him three, but we decided to let the professionals do it this time. He did really well once he got his sucker. He wasn't to excited about the clippers around his ears though. As much as I love the haircut he definitely looks a lot older now, but isn't that the way it aways goes...

Happy 30th Birthday

For Matt's 30th Birthday we went to the fields in front of our house to play. Matt and Noah had a great time together. Afterwards we headed out for a family dinner. Everyone had a great time and Matt said he doesn't seem that much older.