Monday, December 31, 2007

Santa Suit

Christmas would not be complete without Noah in a Santa Suit. We took these pictures after Christmas with more time on our hands. We kept it a secret that we had the suit from the folks up north, hence why it never made it on the Christmas card. Of course I am biased and couldn't just pick one picture. It will have to be a scrapbook page by itself.

Christmas continued...

So, the other post got a little long. Here's the rest of Christmas. This is our family Christmas in the hotel. Sorry for not cropping and editing pictures. If you click on the pictures to look at them they look better than what is showing. Not sure why that is unless I just made them fit too small. Sorry.

Opening presents



This year we traveled to Indiana for Christmas. For the most part Noah did okay. He lost a lot of sleep that he is still trying to catch up on a week later. (Hence, why is has taken me so long to post these.) We had a great time seeing everyone and meeting a few new cousins. Noah had so much fun opening presents. Thank you for the play time, conversations, and gifts.

The Imler Christmas with all the great grandchildren
Family Church
Opening presents

Santa brought Noah his own phone

Mom and dad got him a Curious George book

Great Grandma Price meets Noah
Great Grandma Price made Noah a Humpty Dumpty egg. (Picture to come later.)
Noah's new favorite toy from Great Grandma Price. Yes he can fit the whole top into his mouth.

I like to eat my toes!!

Well, if Noah doesn't have socks on his favorite thing to do is put his toes in his mouth. Yes, you did read and reread that correctly. He's figured it out!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eating time!!

So we went for our follow-up appointment at the doctors office this week. We found out that Noah's weight is a little low. Therefore we are starting cereal. So far he has only eaten it twice. The pictures are from the first round. He understands the spoon goes in his mouth and will open wide for it, but he is still working on the swallowing part. We go in January for a 6 month check-up and we'll see how much this helps. He's definitely curious.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Noah was baptized yesterday morning. He did really well and even slept through the service afterwards. We invited our "lunch bunch" over after church for a great chili lunch. Thanks for enjoying us on Noah's special day.

P.J. was there as well, but took all the pictures. Thank you. Noah was baptized in both the gowns that Matt and I were baptized in.

Getting better and tree hunting

So Noah found his first official Christmas tree on Saturday. We bundled him up and headed out. This was the finial result.

There were lots of trees to pick from, but due to the drought they were small and not as full.
Noah is doing much better. He still has a cough, but at least he is breathing easier. He can still keep a hair style while sick though. I took his when he woke up from one of his many naps.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The croup

It was just a typical day when all of a sudden Noah woke up from his nap coughing. At first I thought, that's just a cough he's okay. Better thought said I should go check on him. As I ran up the stairs to his room I found him in his crib trying to cough and trying to cry and not being able to. PANIC!!! I picked him up and patted him on the back. I knew he wasn't choking on anything since he was the only thing in the crib. He was still breathing, but having a hard time. So I called Matt and work and told him he had to come home NOW, then I called the doctors office. After a few directions the comment was if it doesn't look better in 20 to 30 minutes take him to the emergency room. By this time, Matt arrived home and the suggestions were starting to work. Matt goes back to work and Noah takes a nap on my lap. When he wakes up the same thing happens again. Call Matt again and tell him he needs to leave now to come home (it was 5:00 by this time) because it was happening again. I take Noah and run across the street to my neighbors to get another "mommy" opinion and she said we needed to take him to the emergency room. He was too little to be struggling for air like that. At soon as Matt pulls in were off. We got to the back fairly quick and then got all the, is this your first child? is this the first time he has been sick? questions. Of course, we had to answer yes and he is still looking at us saying well, he doesn't have a temp, his temperament seems fine, etc, and then Noah starts to cry and cough and can't get a lot of air. The man looks at Noah and said that's the croup hold on a minute. Within 3 minutes we were put in a room. After hours of waiting and two x-rays later we were told he had the croup and to wait it out. The x-rays were to check that his air way wasn't swollen and at risk for closing. They sent us home with a few directions and now we have Noah sleeping in our room so we can get him up if the cough gets to bad. Yesterday he spent the whole day sleeping on the couch only getting up to eat. He sounds much better today, but is still trying to recover. Definitely an experience.