Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learnings and the funnies

These are a few things that have happened over the past couple of days that were too funny not to write down. I'm sure I'll leave something out and add to it later, but...
Paisley is now crawling all over the place and very eager to walk. She pulls up on everything and walks down tables and couches. She can't wait to let go, but hasn't considered that yet. She wants to be included in everything. Just yesterday she and Noah both had friends over and they were all at the coffee table trying to color. It was funny to look over and just see her head sticking up because she wanted to be included. She is climbing stairs...yek! and does NOT like baby food anymore. If she sees the container she starts to cry. (I'm not letting what we bought go to waste though.) So what is she eating...anything she can get her hands onto it seems. She is willing to try just about anything before she makes her opinion. The only challenge now is to get enough in her. She just had her first ear infection last week and she was down on the scales. They didn't say anything to me, but I noticed. Two new favorite toys for her are Polly's dog food (just plays, but hasn't tried it yet...don't plan on letting her) and the dishwasher that she climbed into yesterday.
Noah is beginning to talk more and more. He likes to express his opinion quite often. Before his friends came over to play we talked about how to share toys. As I went through the run down of his toys he said he would share each one. Then I told him he had to share Paisley's stroller and he looked at me and said "no mama." I told him that Paisley shares it with him and he needed to share it with his friend. He said "no." I asked if I needed to put it away before they came and no one would get to play with it and he said "yes." Interesting...needless to say, I forgot to get it and he did end up sharing it. Tonight he found a new way to get rid of his food that he didn't want to eat. We went out to eat and Matt and I were talking. The next thing we noticed was Paisley eating chicken. We both looked at each other saying..."is she eating chicken? i didn't give it to her, did you?" and then here comes Noah walking around the table. When asked Noah said he gave it to her. She did eat so that's something else to add to her list.
That about covers it for now. I did finally break out the camera for some nice weather pictures and playing around, but honestly don't feel like going to get the camera. I'll get them on here eventually, but don't hold your breath yet. We are still trying to sell the house, so it makes it harder to get things out. Yes, I know it's easy, but there are a few more steps in the process before they get here....