Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This week has been full of business... I guess that's what happens when you add another child. However, everything is going very well. I am feeling better every day and we have taken several trips out around town running various errands. Noah has adjusted great to having a sister and is a big help when it comes to getting things for her and giving her love. If your not careful he tries to pick her up himself so we can move on to the next thing. I had the opportunity this weekend to go on a girl's weekend with some friends. Noah stayed with dad and I took Paisley with me. Both kids did great, but we are happy to be back together as a family.
I'm holding her, but now I'm done.
I love my daddy!!
Paisley girl

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love my sister...

So lots of people are asking how Noah is getting along with his new sister. This may be a little early to post considering both Matt and I have been home and he goes back to work tomorrow, but for now here is the news...

Paisley met Polly and they didn't seem to mind one another.

After fighting for daddy's attention the morning after we got home. Everyone realized that it was possible for daddy to love them all. Therefore, things look and sound a lot better now.

He is very good at sharing his toys and food with her.

(Toys given to Paisley by Noah. Of course, you can't see her behind the Minnie Mouse, but she really is there.)

He has started to help you pat her back and love on her.

He now wants to hold her and is getting better at it.

He gives her kisses.

He also likes to give her a pacifier, rock her in her car seat, and still gives her hugs. He seems to get a little confused when he waves "night-night" to her and she doesn't wave back, so now he just blows her kisses.

And yes, with her jet black hair she does wear bows.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paisley Kay Price

She's here!!! Now for the much awaited post...Sorry for the delay. The labor went as smooth as it can when you are induced. My highlight was only pushing for 10 minutes. I am actually feeling really well. Sore, but good.

Paisley was born at 4:02 in the afternoon weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. She weighed one more ounce than Noah. She has a head full of jet black hair like daddy's as you can tell from the pictures. She also looks a lot like Matt, but makes Noah faces. Today when we finally had a chance to upload the photos we actually pulled up a few of Noah just to compare. Besides being different genders about the only difference was hair color. We thought Noah had black hair when he was born until they gave him a bath to reveal his blonde hair like mommy.

Noah loves his little sister. He is very intrigued by her and can point her out like a champ. He is not ready to hold her yet though and we are not going to force it. He loves to give her hugs with his head and is willing to share his toys if it means she will stop crying. (She does not cry very much at all, but Noah does not like to see her upset.) Last night he offered her his bat and ball if she would stop crying. Very cute and funny!!
Now for the much awaited pictures...
Right out of the gates and finally clean

Me and the kiddos...Noah loves Paisley (his version of a hug)

Jet black hair and a family photo

Noah on top and Paisley on the bottom

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter and birthday on the side

Happy Easter to everyone!! Sorry this is a little late, but one reason to explain would be that Matt gave me my birthday present a day early to get acquainted and we are still working on it together. In case you are wondering it was a D60 Nikon camera. Of course, this covers a few holidays for the two of us, but neither one of us minds. We've had a lot of fun trying it out, but will also say that I've been a little timid trying to figure everything out. Luckily our purchase came with two instructional DVDs. The first one I've looked at and shows how to use the camera the other I haven't had a chance to view. Overall, we are very excited with our new purchase...

Now on to Easter...Noah had a great Easter with family. He enjoyed the contents of his Easter basket and tried them out before church (an aquadoodle mat and sidewalk chalk). Then is was on to a pancake breakfast.
Can I wear this to church? That's my headband not sunglasses in case you were wondering.

After church and a nap we went to my parents house where everyone else joined us for a family Easter dinner. The dinner was great and we spent most of our time outside playing or watching Noah play and entertain himself. We have quite the athlete on our hands.
Easter egg hunt set up by Pap. Noah was ready for this and new exactly what to do. Even with an audience he didn't get off course. The funny part is that he was very particular about what eggs he would put in his basket. I had only been using metallic eggs at home in order to keep track of what was out with Noah and Polly since they would fight over them. Therefore, Grandma's animal eggs were not allowed in Noah's baskets as you can see from the next picture.
I don't like this egg dad. Yes, Noah can really chuck an egg/ball that far, actually further.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing outside with Noah's bat, ball, and golf clubs. Pap even got out a tee which he quickly caught on to. Then with all the bubbles he got in his Easter baskets from both grandparents we had to go back outside and play some more. Of course Polly likes bubbles just as much as Noah so they both had fun.

I'm full!
Be on the lookout for Baby Girl Price pictures tomorrow. We are scheduled for our induction and have to be there at 6:00am. I'm not promising to have them up, but depending on what time she is born we will try.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Zoo

My oldest sister came into town this last week with her girls. While they were here her kids wanted to go to the zoo. Since we got a zoo pass for Christmas we decided to join them. Noah had a great time looking at all the animals. It's hard to say which ones he actually saw with me pointing them out. Some were not as obvious as others. For example, the first animals we saw were penguins and one came right up to the glass where he was standing and he just laughed away and pointed. All the lions were sleeping though so I don't know if he really saw them in the grass or not.

Of course, with the pass I now see lots of trips in our future and I'm sure he will see them in time. Also, with Kids Cove Noah had way to much fun that he was asleep before I left the parking lot.

This gorilla was so funny. Noah was very intrigued considering one of his favorite books is "Goodnight Gorilla". We must read this book about five times everyday, so he knows the animal well. The best part was how this gorilla kept posing for pictures. My sister and I were laughing so hard we almost cried.

Noah's favorite thing to do on playgrounds, can you tell?
On a side note, I went to the doctor today and we are schedule to induce on Wednesday, April 15th, if she doesn't come before then.