Saturday, January 31, 2009

Growing Up

Noah has been very interesting to watch lately. It amazes me how much he picks up from us and things around him. He has always been very smart in that if you show him how to do something once he can do it himself from then on out. Sometimes this is not a good thing, but I'm glad he is learning. This week was no different than others, but so much fun to watch.

So now you are asking why did you just post a picture of a baby gate against the wall...because that's what it may look like to you, but to me this is where Noah took the gate off the steps and placed it himself against the wall so he could go take a nap upstairs. We have never had a need to attach the gate to the wall because he has never bothered it. (Only bedrooms are upstairs and he knows that the only time we go up there is to go to bed.) He usually just goes to the gate and either makes noise or bangs on it to let us know he is ready for a nap. However, in the last two days he has tried to move it and then today actually put it against the wall where we keep it when not using it.
Picnic by Noah
This picture is actually from today with Matt. The story happened yesterday though and is fairly similar. I was in the playroom working on some sewing while Noah was playing. He had already been in the kitchen collecting a few bowls to carry around the house. Then he walked into the room with a plastic folk and napkin package from a restaurant. The next thing I know is that he had it opened and using it eat with his bowls. Not a big deal because he loves to use silverware now. However, this is what blows my mind....he then proceeds to take his bowls, folk, and sippy cup to his table to sit down and eat. He comes back for the napkin, opens it, sits down, and places it on his lap. After taking a bite he uses the napkin to wipe his mouth. I found this so fascinating to watch since Noah doesn't use a napkin at the table. He occasionally does ask to use his washcloth and help clean up, but I guess I wasn't expecting him to do it on his own. I know I should have grabbed the camera, but I was just content to watch what he would do next instead of interrupting. He ended up ripping a little corner of the napkin and decided to use it as a place mat instead after that. Needless to say Noah knows how to entertain himself and be careful what you do because he may just be watching you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Picture updates from the week

This past week was a little interesting. I thought things were suppose to slow down after the holidays, but it seems that our calendar keeps filling up. Believe it or not we actually got another day of snow after the first. (Not something that happens in TN.) Noah had another great day playing in it, but I won't post those pictures as it seems so long ago. However, there are a few others to share.

This is what happens when daddy cooks and lets Noah help. Matt offered to cook for the night and this is what Noah looked like when he walked into the living room.

Matt had all four wisdom teeth pulled out this past week as well. He is doing great now and it really wasn't as bad as either of us thought. I tried to make a nice soft breakfast of pancakes for all of us and Noah was very upset that he couldn't help. As you can see he has now found our lazy Susan and didn't realize that he could get stuck if he wasn't careful. Of course, I left him there to get the camera which is why he is even more upset in this picture.
In cleaning out little girl's room we finally had to move the old computer. In case you haven't heard Noah LOVES buttons and of course computers have lots of them. Matt and I both have stickers on our computers that Noah thinks are his buttons to push. Needless to say, after trying to keep him away from the old computer before we put it in storage I gave in and he got the keyboard. He thinks this is the best thing ever and actually pulls it around the house so he can have it in any room...(his own little laptop).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tennessee SNOW!!!

Everybody should know by now that TN does not get much, if any, snow. Therefore, when we see flurries we get very excited. Today is flurried all day. If I had to guess the accumulation would be maybe 1/2 an inch and that's being very generous. Noah thought it was the best thing ever and couldn't stay away from the windows. I had a doctor's appointment so Grandpa came to watch Noah. I decided to let Noah go outside on his way out. We had to go out back to find more snow. Noah really enjoyed himself and was NOT a happy camper to come inside.

Trying to throw you a snowball.

The ice/sand table

One HAPPY child!!

One UN-happy child!! As soon as we could get his coat off he ran for the corner to hide.

Later on in the evening Noah was having a snack that seemed to disappear. We finally found the culprit. Not sure how this happened, but thought it was too funny not to share.
And NO, Noah did not get it back to finish. Polly ate it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The much awaited pictures

I would love to know how kids learn this. Matt and I never sit in chairs this way.

That would be Noah's toy basket that dad made into a ride.
Not much, but enough for now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, we are still here

Sorry for lack of posts, but we have been busy with lots of different things. I'm starting to get to the run down stage of this pregnancy and chasing a very busy toddler is more important to me at the moment. We have also been busy in creating space for this new little girl. Slowly but surely we are changing Noah into a big boy room and trying to finish a little girl's room. Matt has so nicely painted it pink and so far I have finished the curtains except for a hem (wanted to hang them for a while so the hem is not uneven), finished a chair pillow, memo board, and dust ruffle. What's left? the bumper pad and actually moving the furniture to put all this together. That however, requires moving Noah into a big bed so we are getting there. I will post pictures of all of this once everything is complete.
In other news...Noah is learning lots of new things. He can now climb onto the couch with the help of a pillow (and he knows how to pull them off the couch for this purpose), run around the house at least 6 times without stopping, spit (trying to fix that one quick), will sit on the potty (with and without clothes on, but has not gone yet...I'm not trying to potty train either. I think he is just understanding that you sit there for now.), loves puzzles, books, and blocks. As for Geri mentioning that the girls love to pull everything off the shelves...Noah loves to find anything with a button to push and is not afraid to push them. (phone, remote, answering machine, humidifier, etc.)
I'll try to post some pictures soon, but that would require me to get me from my chair and get the camera. Sorry, but it's my rest time so they will have to wait till tomorrow. I will try to update a little more though.