Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and remembered the reason for the season!! So far we have celebrated with Matt's family, our small group, and our own family. We are looking forward to celebrating with my family soon.

The only family photo we got this year. Oops! At least we still have one more Christmas to go.

My wonderful small group! Love you girls!! Just in case we were wondering how many kids are in that picture....

14 and we love everyone one of them!!

Here is a glimpse into our family Christmas. Hope to get those pictures off the camera soon, but you know my record right now...

Yes, Noah wrote his own name

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet say...


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Early Halloween

So yes there are lots of things that are keeping up busy lately. Wish I could be better at updating. Here are a few to keep you laughing!
Paisley's outfit the other day... her socks on her hands, her tutu, and my sewing tape as her necklace. Yes, she did this all by herself.

No, these are not their costumes. Just some dress up clothes that they are enjoying lately. If they would stop pulling each others tails I think they would both be more happy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where have we been lately?

We have had lots of visits with cousins (or I should say we had...that was August and September.) Then we have been busy with friends, changing the house a little, Noah's preschool lessons, and my newest adventure...
The Little Dumplin' aka my small business. I'm still trying to work on some things, but feel free to take a look and hopefully one of these days when I feel like we are caught up (will that ever happen?) I'll try to post more pictures.

The Little Dumplin'

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The rest continues...

Here is the rest of our summer up until today. Hope you enjoy all the pictures and you might have to click on the older blog button at the bottom of the page to see the rest of this and the last post.

Shelby and Avery are here!! They arrived today and are here and there for the next two weeks. Once they leave my other sister's kiddos are coming so there will probably be another delay again.

In case you were wondering how you should eat your yogurt Paisley provided you with a tutorial.

Noah's good friend Cana

Smokies Game with friends
A group of friends decided to go to the game together and we joined. Luckily we got in basically for free because we signed Noah up for a reading program where he received two free tickets. The rest of the night was not so cheap, but loads of fun with everyone. In case you were wondering it was five families and twelve kids.

Splash Pad. We took the kids to the splash pad after naps. Paisley loved it and Noah finally warmed up. They had a good time and were sad to leave. The funniest part is now that Paisley can see it out her window she went crazy in her seat when we pulled in.

YEA!! It finally rained. We have been needing rain for a while. The kids had a blast playing in the rain and getting soaked. Afterward we came inside and took a bubble bath right after so who knows which one was better.

Icing cookies!! Can I say more please?

New furniture...We got some new furniture to finish out the basement and add to our living room. You can't bring something in the house without trying it out. We also decided to play some with the camera and take a few more pictures.

Noah's first movie...Toy Story 3. We had free tickets from buying the movie and wanted to cash them in before it was to late. He did really good until about 3/4 through and he wanted to go home. Of course we stayed till the end and then he didn't want to leave the theater.

Maryville Softball Home run Derby
Apparently Maryville has a Maryville Classic softball tournament. Before the games begin they have a home run derby. It was very interesting to watch and Noah enjoyed himself tremendously. Pa took him behind the fence where he actually got a ball. Noah was very intent on giving it back though. You can see him trying to throw it back over the fence. He didn't make it, but gave it back to the player when he walked around. At the end of the game one of the guys must have thought something of him because he came and found Noah and gave him a ball.

Putt-Putt...Noah is obsessed. He basically asked everyday for about two weeks before we finally caved in. Why did we wait two weeks you ask...Noah has an incredible memory and knows where everything is. Therefore I didn't want him to be asking every time we had to drive past the putt-putt course. Pa and Nana joined us after we went swimming and we had a great time. Yes, Noah has already asked several times to go back and knows who he is taking and what color ball everyone is going to use. (When are you coming into town Aunt Judy!!) Oh, and Noah did get a whole in one!!

It's been very hot around here so we took the opportunity and went to Pa and Nana's pool. It was very refreshing as long as you didn't get out of the water.

Fourth of July parade. Not sure how we didn't know about this before. We went with some friends in the new neighborhood and had a blast. I will admit it was the longest parade I've ever seen. And yes, Paisley LOVES suckers! I think she had three that morning.

New hiding place (in our entertainment center downstairs)

Noah's new bike for his birthday. Sadly he is still a little too small for the pedals.