Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow cont.

Five days after the last snow storm we had another one that was double in size. Matt was snowed in at the house so he got to go outside and play with us among doing his work from home.

Matt making a snow angel.
Paisley wanted to swing: snow or no snow it didn't matter. Noah was just happy to be back outside again.
Noah wanted to build a snowman so bad. He kept trying, but it just wouldn't work. Here Matt is posing with what is left from his snowman five days earlier.
We tried sledding in the backyard, but it didn't work out so well. Number one we don't have a sled (that is the lid to the sandbox) and it just looked like the snow was too thick. Can you find Paisley's shoes?
So we moved it to the driveway...Noah was so excited to try sledding down the driveway. Since we still had yet to purchase a sled we improvised. We took Paisley's old diaper box and tried to see if it would work. It was perfect because it had a slick coating on the outside. Noah had no hesitation what so ever and almost fell before he could even get on the box.
Paisley was eager to try after watching Noah. The only problem was the poor girl was so bundled up she couldn't get up at the end.
Matt's turn...he tried on his knees first only to plow through the snow. The next time I told him to sit and he flew so fast down the driveway he passed our mailbox.
Just another fun snow day for the books!!

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

We have been having a lot of snow storms here lately. Kids were out of school in December for a few days and then have been out several more this month. The funny thing is that I didn't get the camera out until about two weeks ago. Not sure why I waited so long, but decided I needed to be taking pictures of the kids in the snow.
The first snow storm on the 5th with the progression throughout the day. It kept snowing these really BIG snowflakes. I thought it looked really pretty but didn't seem to be sticking. Then all of a sudden I looked outside and everything was white.
One happy kid to be outside in the snow and one who has decided she doesn't like to have her picture taken anymore.
Noah started this snowman before Paisley and I made it outside. He finished it by himself and then I helped him with the arms and face. He was very proud of his work.
They both love the snow and couldn't get enough of it.
When Matt came home from work he quickly changed clothes and ran outside to play with Noah. Matt didn't want to be out done by Noah so he built his own snowman. By the time he was done Noah had already decided two plus hours in the snow was enough and came inside.
This is what the yard looked like after Matt's snowman.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Drischler Christmas

So much fun for one weekend. Due to my brother having ankle surgery (repairing torn cartilage) we traveled to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with my family. A quick recap of the events included...tea parties, lots of playing outside (jumping on the trampoline, scooters, soccer, baseball), watching lots of football, having a surprise birthday party (my sister Jody turns the big 4-0 January 13), and a quick game of poker...
My family
(Should I include bonus points here for if you can match each spouses and double points if you can find all their kids??)

In case you were wondering he's doing just fine.
Jewelry and Stickers...what else you got in there.

We also played "Let Jody tell us," Pete's version of a toast/roast

Christmas at home

We spent Christmas at home again this year. We loved it and the kids did too!
Waking up Paisley. We got Noah to stay with us until about 7:00 and then he had had it. Paisley was very gracious about being woken up so early.

"Our cookies are gone!"
Taking after Grandpa Price, Noah read off all the names and started making piles for everyone before he would open his presents.
Notice the difference...Paisley ripped into hers and Noah with his pile.
Opening their present together.

Paisley's and her baby. This is what she does all day!

Following Santa's trail throughout the house.
Christmas and dad came to join us.