Saturday, April 2, 2011


Noah started soccer last Thursday and is loving it! After listening to him ask for two weeks straight if it was time to go I finally was able to say yes. Once he had on all his gear he hit the floor running!! He has had two practices. The first one they just worked on basic skills. The second one included more skills and then a game. He has been very excited to play!!

One very excited boy with a new shirt and all his gear.

Testing everything out before practice started.

Meeting the coaches and trying to decide whether or not to participate. He went out there just fine and sat well. I think he know the game too well and was wondering why she was making him play 'Simon Says'. They were working on learning that the ball is for kicking and you are not to pick it up with your hands.

Paisley was thinking about joining the team.

Practicing/learning how to dribble. They started out in a small area and then moved to whole field. He did a great job and even showed me how when we got home. We need to work on getting his head up, but that will come.

Team talk before game play. Noah was very hesitant to go after the ball. He knows the game well so he kept his distance and kept waiting for a pass. (He really was in the correct position for receiving those passes too.) However, we had to explain to him during water break that they weren't going to pass to him and to go after the ball.

GOAL!! Not to brag, (maybe just a little) he made four goals in his first game.

Sorry for all the random spaces. I have tried to fix this several times and it's not working. I give up.